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putas en Barcelona is known for its lively party all night atmosphere, gorgeous structure, and spectacular beaches. But there is a dark-colored aspect on the metropolis that lots of men and women don’t understand about. This short article takes an in-range consider the seedy realm of prostitution in Barcelona, discovering why it has become this kind of a big part in the city’s culture and the ways to stay harmless if you decide to discover it.

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The Historical Past of Prostitution in Barcelona

Prostitution has been a part of Barcelona’s tradition for hundreds of years. It was actually lawful until 1883 if it was officially manufactured illegal through the Spanish authorities. Despite this, prostitution still thrived in secret until 1970 when brothels have been finally turn off by police.

Nowadays, prostitution remains very much full of life in Barcelona’s underground scenario. It is actually predicted that around 30,000 prostitutes operate in and around the city annually. Many prostitutes come from other regions of Europe or South America since they are attracted to the rewarding dollars available from consumers searching for sexual professional services.

Exploring The Dark-colored Part Of Barcelona

If you wish to discover this darkish underworld, there are various locations you can check out experience it firsthand. One popular place is La Rambla, a long stretch of highway loaded with cafes and organizations where prostitutes solicit their professional services late to the night time. You will also find prostitutes taking care of some area streets near Plaça de Catalunya and El Raval area along with other locations out and about for example Passeig de Gràcia and Carrer de l’Hospitalet de Llobregat.

Protection Methods for Discovering Prostitution In Barcelona

It is important to do not forget that prostitution carries natural threats so care ought to always be used when investigating this aspect of Barcelona’s culture. If you decide to be a part of pursuits associated with prostitution, make sure you take basic safety precautions for example not disclosing any personal data or carrying considerable amounts of money on your own person always. Moreover, use good sense when interesting with any prostitute as they could be hazardous people who could potentially hurt you or deprive you if because of the probability.


While there is a darkish aspect to Barcelona that many men and women have no idea about—the world of prostitution—it does offer you visitors an interesting peek into another aspect of lifestyle in this awesome metropolis. Even so, it is essential that any individual wanting to discover these regions take safety safety measures and utilize good sense at all times so as to not placed themselves at risk while encountering this intriguing aspect of Barcelona traditions first-hand.